Today We Get a Taste of The Bahamas

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“Fuck you guys…”

One of my favorite spots in the Caribbean (besides Jamaica) is the Bahamas.  After having a soup called Chicken Souse down there I just knew I had to try and duplicate it when I went back home. It quickly became a favorite.

Chicken Souse1. An equal volume chicken wing pieces and potatoes. Half as much onion and celery. Salt and pepper and a few lemons or limes, doesn’t matter which dem allll sowwah!

Chicken Souse2. Add chicken to pot

Chicken Souse3. Peel and wedge potatoes. Get someone to peel them for you because no one likes peeling things. Add to pot

Chicken Souse4. Slice onion and chop celery. Try not to cry like a little wuss. Add to pot and bring to boil

Chicken Souse5. Juice the limes

Chicken Souse6. Once the chicken and potatoes are half cooked add salt, lots of pepper and half the lime juice.

Chicken Souse7. Once the chicken is cooked down and the potatoes are soft add the rest of the lime juice.

Chicken Souse8. Enjoy the shit out of it