Oksothen’s Salted Caramel Sweet Potatoes

Our guest oksothen is back again! This time bringing us some sweet motherfucking goodness.

Salted Caramel Sweet Potatoes

1. Shit you need:  4 yams, a handful of brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon, dash of nutmeg, coarse salt, 4 tbsp butter (use real fucking butter or you may regret it)

Four yams 4 Tbsp. butter (don't be stupid and use margarine) A handful of brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon dash nutmeg Coarse salt
2.  Scrub the spuds and wrap them in foil and bake at 350 until tender. (Don’t be stupid and boil the goodness out of them)
Four yams 4 Tbsp. butter (don't be stupid and use margarine) A handful of brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon dash nutmeg Coarse salt
3.  Peel and slice that shit up and place it in a greased up baking dish.
Four yams 4 Tbsp. butter (don't be stupid and use margarine) A handful of brown sugar 1 tsp cinnamon dash nutmeg Coarse salt
4. Top with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.  Cover and return to oven for 15 minutes.  
Salted Caramel Sweet Potatoes
5.  Stir gently and sprinkle very lightly with coarse salt. Doesn’t that look sexy?  Serve that with some Christmas time turkey or some shit.


Today We Eat Like A Jamaican Who Gives A F***


Oh look at me! I’m using an ingredient that you may or may not be able to find. That makes me all special and different! Better go to Whole Paycheck! If you can’t find the proper greens for callaloo just substitute for some equally rough roughage like collard greens or something.Callaloo1. Pepper, Onion, Tomato, Olive Oil, Soy Sauce, Chopped Callaloo.

collaloo22. Dice your tomato, onion and pepper.

Callaloo3.  Stir fry that shit up in olive oil till it gets pulpy.


4. Add your greens and a bit of soy sauce or some other seasoning you like, I don’t really care.

Callaloo5. Stir, lower heat and cover. Cook down to desired doneness. I like mine still a little crunchy but some people like to cook it down till it’s soft and soggy.

Callaloo6. Serve it beside some real food…because it’s still rabbit food.

Sweet Potato Fries With Maple Mayo

One of my favorite local spots, Corey’s Castsup and Mustard, serves their sweet potato fries with maple mayo. If you’ve had it before you’d know it’s like getting a foot rub from a fashion model while a unicorn serves you dew from the most magnificent rainbow ever witnessed. Well…okay… too far but they’re still pretty damn good. I like them so much I’ve stopped having honey mustard(yes honey mustard is awesome) with them wherever I go and started asking for maple syrup and mayo so I can mix shit together and have a second-rate imitation of the taste.

Sweet Potato Fries With Maple Mayo1. Mayonnaise, Sweet Potato, Cinnamon and REAL Maple syrup. Not that fake shit.

Sweet Potato Fries With Maple Mayo2. Cut your sweet potato into fry shaped thingies. If you still haven’t gotten yourself a mandolin I’ve got nothing to say to you.

Sweet Potato Fries With Maple Mayo3. Mix equal parts mayonnaise and maple syrup and add a dash of cinnamon.

Sweet Potato Fries With Maple Mayo4. Deep fry

Sweet Potato Fries With Maple Mayo5. Enjoy your fancy ass fries!

Today We Learn Why I Don’t Do Many Salad Recipes

It’s spring time! So how about a Spring Mix Salad!

Spring Mix Salad1. Bag of Spring Mix, balsamic vinaigrette, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, grated parm, red onion.

Spring Mix Salad2. Mix it all together

It’s a salad… the fuck more do you want?!

Today We Make Potato Pancakes

Have them in the morning. Have them in the evening. Have them in the I don’t really give a fuck, but to make them you’ll need; Adobo, a potato, an egg, chives, pepper, and flour.

Potato Pancakes1. Grate the peeled potato on the large side of the grater

Potato Pancakes2. Squeeze and drain some of that starchy shit out of it.

Potato Pancakes3. Chop up some chives, or use the bottled stuff.

Potato Pancakes4. Mix in a beaten egg, and season with adobo and pepper.

Potato Pancakes5. Mix in a few spoonfuls of flour. Spoon it into a frying pan with oil on medium to high and flatten it out.

Potato Pancakes6. I like mine with a “dollop” of sour cream

the fuck’s a dollop anyway?

who came up with the unit “dollop”?