Today We Potato Crust Err-thang!


Potato Crusted Fish Fillets
1. Kettle Chips (I like sea salt and pepper ones), White bread, dill, Dijon mustard, Adobo because I haven’t used it nearly enough, pepper, olive oil, fish (I used Haddock and Salmon).

Potato Crusted Fish Fillets
2. Season fishy delicious bastards with pepper and Adobo and brush with Olive Oil. Put in oven at 375ish.

Potato Crusted Fish Fillets
Potato Crusted Fish Fillets
3. Put an equal amount of chips and torn up white bread in your processor with a shit ton(metric shit ton) of dill and process it.

Potato Crusted Fish Fillets
4. When fish is nearly cooked spread a thin layer of Dijon mustard over the top and coat with the crusting mixture. Broil those fuckers until the crusting browns.

Potato Crusted Fish Fillets
5. Eating this will restore your faith in all things awesome

Today We Make Salmon Cakes

I love me some salmon! Hell, I’d round house a bear for some salmon!

Never kick a bear for salmonHere is a little salmon recipe I dreamed up.

Salmon Cakes1. Shit you’ll need! Piece of salmon, tomatoes, chives, red onion, seafood seasoning, olive oil, bread crumbs and an egg. For the optional Tarragon cheese sauce you’ll need mozzarella, tarragon, and sour cream.

Salmon Cakes2. Dice up your veggies (even those fruits masquerading as a veggie…you know who you are MFer)

Salmon Cakes3. Bake that salmon naked! Not completely though.

Salmon Cakes4. Break up the mostly cooked salmon and mix with the veggies. Add a beaten egg and a couple spoonfuls of bead crumbs.

Salmon Cakes5. Season with your favorite seafood seasoning, I’m using Old Bay.

Salmon Cakes6. Form into little cakes of deliciousness.

Salmon Cakes7. Brown on both sides in some olive oil.

Salmon Cakes8. For the tarragon cheese sauce, mix a bit more sour cream than grated mozzarella and sprinkle with tarragon.

Salmon Cakes9. Place over salmon and bake on high until all mozzarella melts in the mix.

Salmon Cakes10. Serve with whatever you want, maybe a spring mix salad?

Never kick a bear for salmon

Today We Sear Some Tuna

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna1. Fresh tuna steaks, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, wasabi powder, panko. If your fish smells fishy then it ain’t fresh enough for this recipe!

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna2.  Add some wasabi powder to a soy sauce base

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna3. Mix in some sesame seeds and a bit of ginger (yes a bit is my measurement)

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna4. Mix the tuna in the marinade.

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna5. Let the tuna marinate for an hour while you take care of some important shit.

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna6. Heat some sesame oil in a pan (or another oil if you want to use a higher heat)

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna7. Coat the steaks in panko.

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna8. Sear on high for a short bit on each side. Cook it too long and well it’s not really seared ahi tuna anymore now is it?

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna9. Slice thinly

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna10. Goes well with asparagus, coconut rice or an arugula salad. Yes, those are lightsaber chopsticks.


Today We Wrap Scallops In Awesome!

So anyone who knows me knows I have an unhealthy obsession with intense love for bacon. I wish I could marry bacon, have little bacon children, and eat them too.

1 - Screening
It’s that serious.

Bacon goes with everything and here is a little something I picked up years ago.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

1. SHIT YOU NEED: Bacon, Sea Scallops, Sticks, Garlic, Olive Oil, Teriyaki, Red Pepper, Lemon Pepper

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

2. CUT ALL THEM SCALLOPS AND BACON IN HALF! Rub those sexy scallops down with olive oil.


3. Put some Teriyaki in a bowl and some garlic and lemon pepper in another. Add half as much red pepper to the garlic and lemon pepper unless you want your mouth to catch fire!

Bacon Wrapped Scallops


Bacon Wrapped Scallops

5. Roll in teriyaki and then in spice mix.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

6. GRILL, BAKE, BROIL. I Don’t give a fuck just cook and enjoy!


This is one of those recipes I came up with when I was thinking. “Damn I really should clean out this kitchen before I move out” And then later realized “THIS IS FUCKING DELICIOUS!”

Honey Ginger Salmon
1. Season with Adobo and pepper.

Honey Ginger Salmon
2. Start glaze with soy sauce base and add half as much honey

Honey Ginger Salmon
3. Add even less brown sugar

Honey Ginger Salmon
4. Add even less ginger

Honey Ginger Salmon
5. Stir that shit up and if you are a sweet tooth having crackhead forget that you already added brown sugar and honey and add some more.

Honey Ginger Salmon
6. With your oven on a salmon killing 375 degrees apply glaze every… 8.5ish minutes….or if dry

Honey Ginger Salmon
7. Serve over, I don’t know, maybe the easiest fucking side dish ever?