Baking Bread Has Never Been So Easy!

A Hulk Sized Hunger

So a while back I posted this gem on my Facebook Page(which you should join because I’m awesome). Of course I couldn’t share that with you and NOT try it for myself. I mean..c’mon… what kind of cooking blog would this be otherwise? Well it worked deliciously. It will bring all the girls to your yard…or something like that.

Maple Walnut Bread1. Self rising flour, bread pan, shortening, and maple walnut ice cream. GOOD local ice cream from a place like UConn Dairy Bar or Shady Glen’s. What? You don’t live in Connecticut? Good for you(No seriously, good for you).

Maple Walnut Bread2. Mix two cups of ice cream with one and a half cups self rising flour.

Maple Walnut Bread3. Grease the pan and lump that dough in there. Bake for 45 minutes at the oddly specific temperature of 356 degrees.

Maple Walnut Bread4. Holy shit! It’s bread?! This is the greatest thing since ice cream itself!

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