Today We Make An Award Winning Burger

A Dangerous Experiment

You see what happens?

I’ve been trying to do this update F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Unfortunately my real job has been keeping me pretty busy. Anyways, remember way back when I said I would give you something to pair with some extra sexy special fries?

4-Alarm Cheeseburger1. Bread crumbs, egg, a lb of beef, pepper jack cheese, a bun, garlic, pickled jalapeno, Worcestershire sauce, red pepper powder, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, mayonnaise.

4-Alarm Cheeseburger2. To the beef add half a beaten egg, some Italian seasoning, a couple spoon fulls of bread crumb, a generous amount of red pepper flakes and soak that son of a bitch in Worcestershire sauce.  start grilling that shit after you form it into patties.

4-Alarm Cheeseburger3. Mix mayo with red pepper powder. Mix as much as your weak ass can take.

4-Alarm Cheeseburger4. Put a slice of pepper jack on the burger when it’s almost done.

4-Alarm Cheeseburger5. Toast the bun and place the burger and some jalapeno on it.

4-Alarm Cheeseburger6. Put your spicy mayo on the top of the bun.

4-Alarm Cheeseburger7. I added bacon just for the hell of it.

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