Today We Make Chicken Diane

Chicken Diane1. You’ll need: Two thinly sliced chicken breasts, scallions, Dijon mustard, a cup of chicken broth, olive oil, parsley, Adobo, pepper, and brandy.

Chicken Diane2. Season chicken with pepper and Adobo.

Chicken Diane3. Cook a few minutes on both sides until done. Leave that oil and delicious chicken fat in the pan on medium.

Chicken Diane4. Chop of a few green onions

Chicken Diane5. Add one cup broth, green onions, three tablespoons Dijon and a half cup brandy to the pan and whisk. Not too much brandy, ain’t nobody tryin’ to get drunk off of pasta sauce.

Chicken Diane6. Add some parsley and whisk again.

Chicken Diane7. Pour over chicken and eat up fools!

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