Today We Make Potato Pancakes

Have them in the morning. Have them in the evening. Have them in the I don’t really give a fuck, but to make them you’ll need; Adobo, a potato, an egg, chives, pepper, and flour.

Potato Pancakes1. Grate the peeled potato on the large side of the grater

Potato Pancakes2. Squeeze and drain some of that starchy shit out of it.

Potato Pancakes3. Chop up some chives, or use the bottled stuff.

Potato Pancakes4. Mix in a beaten egg, and season with adobo and pepper.

Potato Pancakes5. Mix in a few spoonfuls of flour. Spoon it into a frying pan with oil on medium to high and flatten it out.

Potato Pancakes6. I like mine with a “dollop” of sour cream

the fuck’s a dollop anyway?

who came up with the unit “dollop”?

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4 thoughts on “Today We Make Potato Pancakes

  1. Allie Beauchesne (@alliebeau) says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog via some other cooking-with-fucking-expletives type site, and I am SO HAPPY I AM HERE. Love the comics as much as all the food. I am giggling alone at my desk like I’m drunk or batshit (perhaps both).

    i’ll be back all the fucking time. Never change. Kthanks.

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