Today We Make Sugar Waffles

Sugar Waffles

Does Bob like his waffles? Does a bear shit in the woods?

Ah sugar waffles… the staple of Vermont ski snowboard resorts. If you have not had a waffle cabin waffle, your life is empty and meaningless and I pity you. While none may duplicate the deliciously addictive delicacy, one may come very close! Since the season in Vermont is nearing it’s end here is a recipe you can use to tide you over until next winter.

Sugar Waffles1. Start by putting four and a half cups flour, three tablespoons baking powder, one and a half teaspoons salt and three quarter cups of sugar in a bowl

Sugar Waffles2.  Melt one and  half sticks of butter (yeeessssss!) and six eggs into the same bowl.

Sugar Waffles3. Add buttermilk until you get the desired consistency. Add more eggs and buttermilk for fluffier waffles.

Sugar Waffles4. Smash the shit out of some sugar cubes

Sugar Waffles5. Put that waffle iron on high and put a ladle of batter and cubes inside and cook.

Sugar Waffles6. Makes a metric shit-ton of waffles

Sugar Waffles7. Sexy thang… of course you can’t forget the chocolate!

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