Today We Sear Some Tuna

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna1. Fresh tuna steaks, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, wasabi powder, panko. If your fish smells fishy then it ain’t fresh enough for this recipe!

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna2.  Add some wasabi powder to a soy sauce base

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna3. Mix in some sesame seeds and a bit of ginger (yes a bit is my measurement)

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna4. Mix the tuna in the marinade.

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna5. Let the tuna marinate for an hour while you take care of some important shit.

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna6. Heat some sesame oil in a pan (or another oil if you want to use a higher heat)

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna7. Coat the steaks in panko.

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna8. Sear on high for a short bit on each side. Cook it too long and well it’s not really seared ahi tuna anymore now is it?

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna9. Slice thinly

Seared Crusted Ahi Tuna10. Goes well with asparagus, coconut rice or an arugula salad. Yes, those are lightsaber chopsticks.


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2 thoughts on “Today We Sear Some Tuna

  1. loomatic says:

    I will definitely be trying this. I love seared tuna, but have never made it myself. It will give me a good excuse to buy wasabi powder. Where do you get that? Do regular grocery stores carry it, or did you go to a specialty store of some type?

  2. ctsketch
    ctsketch says:

    In local grocery stores here they usually have it in the “Asian” section of the international isles. But if you don’t have luck there you can always get some on amazon here

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