Today We Find Out WTH Adobo Is

So several people have asked me what the heck Adobo is and also where they can get it. Well follow the link on the right panel and stock up on some today (Because I’m going to keep on using it!). Also I have gotten around to setting up a twitter account so those of you who tweet can follow this blog there as well! Stay tuned next week for my “Loser Balls” recipe and a comic about my favorite lie on dating sites.

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7 thoughts on “Today We Find Out WTH Adobo Is

  1. SciFiFoodie says:

    I know it exists…what is is like? Like a general seasoned salt? Does it have a Latino flair? Cause without having had any, that is my uneducated supposition.

  2. ctsketch
  3. artsyChica says:

    I grew up using adobo – we lived very close to a huge Goya factory back in Brooklyn [NYC]. That and sazon was something that you pretty much see in everyone’s kitchen, especially if they have any connections to either Hispanic and/or Caribbean cooking.

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