Today We Make Special Fries

So one of my favorite activities is trying to recreate things I ate at a restaurants by inspection. Now, over here truffle fries are the shit. It’s what you get at a hip joint in New England, but a couple of weeks ago when I was shredding Lake Tahoe I noticed garlic fries seemed to be the thing there. Well I tried and semi-failed but still came out with something delicious! SO ENJOY MUHFUCKAS!

Garlic Fries1. SHIT YOU NEED: About 4 large Yukon golds, parsley, parm, garlic, olive oil, salt.

Garlic Fries2. MANdolin them taters (or slice them if you’re a non mandolin owning punk)

Garlic Fries3. Soak them in cold salt water while you work on other shit.

Garlic Fries4. Peel some garlic and place it in a pan with olive oil, you can never have too much garlic… unless you’re on a date. Even then if she doesn’t like the smell she is not the one for you.

Garlic Fries5. bake that fine shit till it’s all mushy, and then chop it up and squish it.

Garlic Fries6. Chop some FRESH parsley for this one because we EXTRA fancy today.

Garlic Fries7. Toss garlic and parsley with grated Parmesan

Garlic Fries8. Deep fry them taters and let the oil drain

Garlic Fries9. Then fry that shit again!!!!

Garlic Fries10. Combine. Serve. BOOM. Maybe soon I’ll post a burger to goes with these sexy things.

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